Amata Indra (Andy) is a Thai born graphic designer/photographer. He began his career studying business management from a college in Thailand. While in college, he also began to teach himself web design, and went on to finish a certificate program in web design. Upon graduating from the college with BA in business Amata moved to the U.S., he had the opportunity to learn about graphic design from two professional graphic designers in California, Steven Mcadam and Danny Yee. A few years later, he extended his creative interest to photography at The School of Light with an award-winning photographer, Andrew Hall. The invaluable experience gained from these designers and photographer inspired Amata to pursue a career in design and photography.

When Amata is designing, he is inspired by photography, architecture, and typography. Every design focuses on strong visual communication and details. Amata’s technical knowledge of photography, typography and layout, combined with his innate creative abilities, results in his style; simple, clean and effective.
As a graphic designer, Amata believes in the importance of good design which requires sufficient amount of research, ideas and technical knowledge. Thus, he always strives to learn and improve his creative skills.

Please visit www.amataphotography.com for my photography work.